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Does anybody's heel hurt?

My daughter Grace who is 9, is doing really well at school, she does supress quite alot when she is there, but does let it all out at home, however the last few months she has complained about her heel on her right foot is constantly in pain, I have been massaging it for her, does anyone else have this problem, also can anyone tell what rate of DLA she may be entitled to if any

thank you

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I don't know what your daughter's tics are so I may be barking up the wrong tree but here goes anyway. All during primary school my son would get pains in his heel & sometimes up his leg. It would happen randomly & when it was bad he would collapse sometimes in agony. Unfortunately it was most noticeable in P.E but also playtimes etc.The school didn't believe him & it took some time for the G.P to refer him to hospital as it was so random i presume. Anyway the specialist saw him & listened to him & stood behind him & gently pinched the back of his heel.Whereupon he immediately collapsed to floor in pain. Turns out he had Sever's disease. It's where the bone & muscle/ligaments grow at different rates to each other. In his case caused by his Asthma inhalers inhibiting his growth a bit. Apparently he will grow out of it once he's an adult.

I don't know if it's any help to you & if she's nothing like that then best to see the doctor anyway. :)


Heel pain - not a TS thing really unless she's got a tic that causes some kind of repeatitive strain injury to her heel. Or, it maybe this - tourettes-action.healthunlo...


What a coincidence - a couple of weeks ago my son also 9 complained that his heels were hurting during and after his karate lesson. I had a little talk with him about the benefits of sports and how sometimes we have to "push thru the pain" to improve skills etc - I had no idea it might actually be a real problem - thank you to Bootgates for your reply - I will now keep an eye on my son to see if it happens again and take it more seriously if it does... :-)


Oddly enough my son (who is 11) has complained a fair bit of pain in his heels - I put it down to growing pains as he has has it sporadically for a year or so.


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