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cycling tics

My tics are back now that the aripiprazole has gone from my system. I am glad I am back but the tics are just as irritating as I remember them. They seem to be in a constant cycle at the moment going from my eyes, to my legs, then sometimes both (just for fun). People must wonder what the heck I am doing because some weeks I have to use my guide cane and other weeks I have to use a stick or crutches! Needless to say I do not include this stuff on my DLA application as it would be impossible to answer the questions 'averagely'.

Tonight it is affecting my eyes. Usually when I get these eye tics they hang around for at least three days so I know I will probably have to use my guide cane. The trouble is I am still dropping every so often so I have to use my walking cane too! I am a walking train wreck!

Anyway I am going to rest my eyes now

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