Man or a Mouse?

Man or a Mouse?

I’ve had a pretty c£$%%y day today I thought it was bad enough whilst in Coventry city centre encountering a woman moving her young daughter away from me as I approached them from the other side of the road, was it that I was clad in black leather with heavy steel capped boots? Or was it the TS? Which is the scariest and which would you want to protect young eyes and ears from, a bleach blonde biker chick or crazy woman with Tourette’s? Combine them into one neat, petite parcel and what do you get? Something young eyes should never see.

I saw something else today that I hope I will never see again, it’s seriously made me think about what kind of man I am with. From today’s events I can categorically say that a neighbour’s cat (name unknown – but known to the whole close as Ginger Balls due to needing a trip to the vet) has got more balls (sorry to be so crude) than my loving supportive boyfriend. There is something that everyone woman would expect from their man when it came to the crunch, but this evening it just didn’t happen. I’ll explain.

I came out into the beer garden, tray laden with drinks when I noticed a group of three women sitting on the table behind ours ( that’s my boyfriend, and neighbour) imitating my shoulder tics, my squeaking and my head jerking tic. I sat down and gave out the drinks ticcing as usual and aware of these women and listening to them having a bit of a giggle at my expense. It was quite obvious what the topic of conversation was for these ladies to all of us boyfriend included. I gave the women a steely glare, they got the hint and moved out of my line of vision, I didn’t care that if they had moved out of earshot and said quite loudly that I knew they were taking the p£$$ and they should know better, my neighbour agreed with me, my loving boyfriend however just came out with it a claimed it was my own fault and that’s what I should I expect shouting swear words all the time. My beef was that he didn’t utter a word to these women, you would expect your man to stick up for you and if somebody is mimicking you to at least say something to defend you. Well ladies, it didn’t happen, as per usual where’s yer man when you need him?

This I feel is another nail to bang into the coffin for our relationship. Is it just me or was that the attitude of a rat? If I find myself single in the near future and I’m looking for a new man I’d like some with some balls please, I want a man who will be able to defend me, not make me feel like it’s my fault and accept me for who I am and not keep on bleating “but you weren’t this bad before” tell me something new, don’t you think I’ve noticed? Don’t you think I might need just a bit of support and understanding? It’s not the likes of those ignorant women that are getting me down; it’s the attitude of my boyfriend, the man that should be by my side.

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  • I think if I were in your situation I'd just put an identicit handout card on their table nad walk off, and if I was in your partners situation I'd explain that the person had a medical condition and that it was cruel to make fun of it. Probably with shouting.

  • Sometimes men need us to be honest and model the correct behaviors... While it is not always easy to be patient with them in their learning journey, if we can find a way to be honest about how hurtful their actions, or lack of action, is to us, and follow it up with the appropriate response, I believe it is possible for them to mature. Of course, they must be willing, interested, and invested in the relationship for this to work. If they are not, I for one, would not waist my time with someone who does not love me enough to positively "build me up" instead of "tear me down". I wish you the very best of luck. I pray everything will turn out for YOUR BEST. ; ) The Advocate~