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Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

Yesterday was a strange day, a day where I said a sad goodbye to my best friend and met some new friends. It was a beautiful funeral if there ever could be one, it was like she could have planned it herself, from her fellow followers of the native American faith (hence the name Magpie, Marjorie to her parents) playing the flute and drum to her sea grass casket, the flowers and the souring buzzard outside flying over the open fields.

I’m not the only one who feels that our village isn’t quite going to be the same again. Now I’m home again after spending most of the day in the pub with Magpie’s family and friends, I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to be able to care for her on her last day here on earth. Although she is still very much around collecting lovingly crafted treasures for her nest. Such items would regularly drop through her letter box, on her last day we struggled with two such packages, the first contained some beautiful Kaffe Fasset jewel-like fabrics which would soon be transformed in a stitched artwork, her daughter A will treasure her last completed item, a mosaic tea cosy. The second parcel was bit more difficult to open, the only item inside was met with disappointment, and “What am I supposed to do with THAT?” she says holding up a Lynard Skynyrd sew-on badge. One of the many things we had in common was that we always had a creative drive to be constantly creating, my items tended to be of a more Capricorn nature and have a practical purpose, except for the knitted alien that I had just completed “Aw, I want one, can you make one for me?” We watched Judge Judy, giggled at the feuding Americans, drank tea and chatted. We watched bargain hunt ate crumpets and I knitted a practical pair of black merino fingerless gloves. “I could do with a pair of them” “What colour?” ”You decide!” another item on my knit list. Feeling frustrated with her poor sitting position, her brain aneurism caused her to have very poor balance, so it was difficult to make her comfortable as she constantly slumped to one side, I tried my best to keep her upright, sitting her forward and adding more pillows and cushions to her chair to make her comfortable, we gave up on the chair and I put her on the bed, propping her up with a stack of pillows and handcrafted cushions so she could watch the TV and drink her tea. This is my last memory of her, we kissed goodbye as her husband showed her some silk flowers that he’d bought that she might like to brighten the room up.

I’ve finished the gloves, and I’ve moved on to my next creation, this time I thought I’d make something a bit bigger, I’d her to see it, I wish she could.