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I'm not tired, just REALLY BORED. I can't do anything without being BORED. I wasn't BORED of playing PS2 all day, watching DVDs, Playing Sims 3 and listening to/playing music before but now I feel dead almost. I am hoping this is just going to be a temporary side-effect or something because I don't think I can live like this. I am getting so frustrated and I am retreating back into my autism a lot at the moment. I am very stimmy and not speaking much. It's unfair to blame the aripiprazole completely though because I have had a really nasty cold and I am pretty down anyway at the moment. Down because I don't really know when I will be moving. there was a bit of progress though, becacause we rang the house up and the team leader says that they just need a signature from my social verker (she is German ja). This would be great news but she was off on holiday for two weeks and now she is ill...

So I just sit around twiddling my thumbs and hoping I don't end up doing stupid things to stimulate my numb brain...

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Feeling listess and bored is a deppression thing. You should start feeling better when the stress of moving has gone and you're in your new place and settled. I often feel the same....can't settle to do anything, everythings tedious and boring. Sorry to sound like your shrink :(


What shrink? I don't flipping have one! Anyway even if I did, they seem to think that the only answer is to put even more medication into me! I think I will feel a lot better when I have moved and settled. I think I have sort of gone into 'sleep mode' to try and avoid feeling the stress.


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