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Without Citralopram, the anti depressant I am on (anti anxiety), I would not be able to face the outside world as much as I do. I am lucky that I have a supportive group of friends and family but there are times I have to venture out alone. No-one realises what quite an ordeal it can be going to the supermarkets and shops, coping with the staring and comments. It has taken me a while but now I say "I have Tourette's Syndrome, I may make some loud noises and shout random words". This is so hard for me to say and I often still put "sorry" in front of that sentence (although I am not sorry at all). Using the phone for me is worse, I develop a ticcy stammer and often rely on others to help. Ordering food in a restaurant seems to be another stumbling block!

I have gone from a well paid career to being at home all day as I no longer have my job (am going through a tribunal process, so will write about that at a later time). So, my world has changed.

As Tourette's is my constant companion I have had to learn to like it and not get too angry.

So, the important things to me as I get on with my life are my supportive family, my amazing friends and a heathy supply of this space and I will try to tell you about the funny moments in my when in the synagogue I shouted "The Rabbi eats Bacon"...........or at a clairvoyant evening shouted "I see dead people"........yep one thing is for are not lonely with TS!

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I have Tourettes and severe anxiety all of my life and it has been both a curse and a blessing. To be honest it is all I know and the tics are very well controlled with a high dosage of pimozide. My life goes from strength to strength. I have a Masters degree in Town Planning and happily married.

I have known Laura for a couple of years now (although she was my cub scout leader when I was a young child!) and she has become a true and supportive friend during these two years. We both help each other deal with the tourettes and anxiety. If people are supportive and understanding you can conquer anything that life throws at you!


I get a bit tearful when I meet fellow ticcers that have supportive partners and families, I've read my posts you'll realise why. If those that you are closest to are supportive and understanding that's half the battle. At the moment I feel that the only support I'm getting is from the health care proffessionals and TA who have been excellent. I feel in the most part "tolerated" by those around me and it would be nice for people to see me as a real person with feelings as I would like to live rather than just "cope".


yep, finding Darren as a friend and support has helped me. Sharing similar stories and thoughts and feelings has helped. Catherine , at times I still feel tolerated........but my group of friends and family are second to none and I am thankful to them everyday. Holding on to tics in public is the hardest and being looked upon as mentaly subnormal is harder. But sharing through this blog or on Facebook really help me off load some anxieties and hopefully will help to educate those who are less informed about TS and anxieties


I am also extremly proud of Darren's achievments as I remember him as an 8 year old trying to fit into society with his peers.


I could get tearful when I hear of people with su[pportive families. I have six siblings but only my youngest sister is supportive - very supportive in fact. Luckily my aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces are incredibly supportive and understanding. Just my parents and siblings that aren't

Shame that you can no longer work Laura. I suffered from anxiety and lost a couple of stone in weight (I waas skinny anyway) and my skin went grey. I suffered from severe pan ic attacks for many years being unable to travel on public transport or even in the baxck seat of a two door car because I felt trapped. I didn't go on hioliday, anywhere, for fourteen years and it was 18years before i was able to get on a plane and all thanks to the help of a Stress Management course run by Occupational Therapists

I'm now over it all and funnily enough, sadly, I'm over a stone overweight atm - there's no pleasing me is there eh


I'm scared to sit in the back of a four door car at the moment... that might be because the door keeps swinging open mid-transit at random though O_O

Yeah apparently that isn't serious enough to warrant a trip to the garage... I wonder what CQC would make of it!


It is tough having to come to terms with the fact you have TS and theres not really anything you can do about it (without being drugged up to the point of zombie-ism!). I've been on Citalopram for 7 years and I am currently coming off it. They're having to wean me off slowly because of the length of time I've been on it! I am starting to cope better with the staring and comments too. I generally just ignore it but if someone keeps staring at me, I just say 'Its Tourettes' then walk off (hopefully never to see them again!). That's great that you've got family support :) As you may have gathered, a lot of us don't have that support. I am actually in a care home because my Mum couldn't cope with my raging, but I'm better now and ready to move independantly :)

Sorry going on about myself again!


I don't have support from my immediate family but lots from the rest of them - shame really

I know what CQC means (it used to be CSCI) because I normally work as a Support Worker but having a long bout of pleasurable unemployment atm

CQC would have them shot for blatantly breaking H&S regs

I don't mind people looking, that's understandable, but the staring I hate. Had it all my life since ever I can remember but it still pisses me off

You're lucky to be brought up in a more accepting society than I was. Back in the day everyone would hound you if you were different in any way so having full-blown TS was a living hell - plus I didn't know what it was which mnade it all the worse

And btw, your support workers are taking part in more than one illegal activity by driving a defective car and putting SU's at risk

Tell em Nomad sent you - that should rattle them


Go on about yourself as much as you want that's what this place is for plus I find it interesting especially as I normally do that kind of work myself


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