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What could I be fearful of ? Spiders? Great heights? Today it’s been my local Job Centre Plus. When myself and my partner went to sign on a fortnight ago, he was sanctioned, or as we sign on as a couple this effects us both so in reality we were both sanctioned, to the uninitiated that means he lost 2 weeks of Jobseekers allowance all because he forgot to bring in the list you need to compile detailing all the places where you’ve searched for work and all the jobs you’ve applied for and any other steps you have taken to find yourself a job. I can tell you that signing on is no joke; I find the whole experience quite traumatic and a definite tic trigger let alone the anxiety of going there and not finding anything suitable for a ticcer like me. However we managed to leave today JSA in tact and two jobs to apply for.

Regarding my TS and job-hunting the disability advisor at the job centre agreed with me that it would be a good idea to put a TS fact card in folder (the TS fact card comes with the Identic card) just to give the staff who sign me on a bit of background to TS, however this morning it came out “What’s this? Does this need to be in here?” “Yes it does, it stays there, and it’s for you to read! it’s for any staff who haven’t come across me yet!”

After the stress of being short of cash over the last fortnight I came across this little gem on Facebook, that both I and my partner found very interesting with regards to the Jobcentre Plus and sanctions!


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i'm not sure whether this would make any difference, but perhaps it would be better to have something that details your specific symptoms rather than the identicit card? just thinking that because they are there to give out in difficult situations they sort of give examples of ts behaviour at its most extreme which might be offputting. i know you have copro but just wondering whether it suggests too much difficult behaviour that you don't have?


Most of what's on the card does apply to me but rather than rage attacks I burst into tears and get very upset. I can at times get upset quite easily. There was a big fella working there at one point and when I first meet him I shouted "FAT" at him. I also imitate a female member of staff there who is a geordie. I also touch or bang table tops etc.