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Ideas to help with the tics


I have been doing my tics since I was 7/8, they change and have always been one at a time. Recently, I have become more stressed and have noticed that I have been doing more than one tic at the same time such as shaking my head, frowning and rolling my eyes. Does anyone have any useful tips to help calm them down when I am stressed or tired, because they are becoming very noticeable and I can see people looking at me x

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Hi thanks for your message. Tourettes Action have information on their website about managing symptoms and stress. You may find it useful to look at our page on 'other approaches' to managing TS which looks at holistic approaches to general well being and reducing stress- as well as directly helping to manage tics. On this page you'll find information about diaphragmatic breathing to regulate the nervous system, mindfulness practices, a recorded relaxation specifically designed for people with TS and tic disorders, plus information on lifestyle choices to support well being.

For further information please contact the Tourettes Action helpdesk: or 0300 777 8427

Best wishes


One thing I find that helps me is a distraction. I still tic a little but not as much. For example if I'm experiencing a lot of tics in my hands I use a fidget cube or a stress ball.

I was also taught some habit reversal strategies, then tend to help at times.

Maybe you can research or go to your gp, who may refer you.


Masking does get tiresome when required to be near people. I have also have a foursome tic.....difficult to describe. But generally am relieved using 2 of the 4 when around others. Maybe try it as a back-up plan. I am an elder, and have told my co-workers that I have TS.

Though they would totally freak out if they saw the real deal. Regards, tictalk.

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I have also have? tictalk making own correction. peace.

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