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Hello, my husband has Tourette’s and has never taken medicine as long as I’ve know him. He said he did as a child and didn’t like the way he made it feel. His Tourette’s isn’t so bad I think. He recently asked GP to be referred to neurologist who he talked to about Modafinil and Dr agrees he may benefit from it. It’s commonly used for other things though. Anyone know anything about it?

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Thank you for your reply. It's always reassuring to hear from adults who have or know someone with Tourettes. As a parent you just want the best for your child in life. I will be interested to follow any replies re Modafinil.


Hi thanks for your question. Tourettes Action has a page on their website about medication which you can read here:

Tourettes Action also has a list of consultants who are specialist in diagnosing and treating TS, which you can have sent to you by email by contacting or calling 0300 777 8427

The Medical Director for Tourettes Action has informed me that there is no information on modafinil, nor any particular reason to try it for tics. Both stimulants which are used for ADHD and modafinil are treatments for narcolepsy.


I take it to stay awake if’s very expensive. My insurance pays 1800 for 30 pills.


Yes he was prescribed it for shift disorder. He works long shifts offshore on a boat that does repairs on oil and gas pipelines. Sometimes he has the night shift but usually it’s just super long day shifts. I think that’s why the insurance covered it


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