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Eye Ticcs

ive always had severe eye ticcs and they have always been embarrassing and painful

the cause headaches and eye pain

this last year they have been causing blurred vision in my left eye

my eye ticcs are so frequent now when im out and especially when i need them most i have vision no more than 50% of the time

most activities are dangerous to me now more than ever

Would i be right in saying that i am vision impaired seeing as i have limited use of my eyesight even though my eyes were tested and came back 100% healthy and good vision when they keep still although my left eye loses vision everyday progressively as the day goes on

i find i have to be guided more often by my wife too

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Hi Scorpiodog, thank you for your message. Your vision sounds like it it compromised by your tics although I would not feel qualified to say whether or not you are visually impaired, i.e. to the level where you could register yourself as being visually impaired. Your health consultant would need to advise you on this, or it might be useful to speak to national charities that specialise in sight loss as they may be able to to offer more specific advise. NHS Choices lists a number of UK charities: nhs.uk/Conditions/Visual-im...

Best wishes


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