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Vocal Tics or Motor Tics?

All of us with Tourette's Syndrome know how loud vocal tics can effect your everyday life. They surprise us at moments when we need to be silent; they shout out the most awful things in the most embarrassing situations. For the last couple of weeks I have really tried to suppress my vocal tics, this has caused more motor tics. My neck tic has been more violent; my facial grimaces hurt my face and the whole movement cycle has now caused my back to seize up!

So, now I am stuck at home in the most awful pain..................For me, I think I prefer the embarrassing loud vocal tics than the painful effects of the motor tics!

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i totally agree lol, i was experiencing very bad motor tics but little vocal, after my diagnosis i realised that this was because i was suppressing them and they were building up and exploding out as motor tics, my neck still has not recovered lol, now i just shout and copro and feel the relief it brings to just let them do their thing lol.


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