Tourettes Action

The Nightmare of PIP

I went through life trying my best to live with my multiple Neurological conditions

I worked and raised a family just like anyone else

Eventually things got to a point I couldn’t control my conditions anymore

I lost my job and was unemployable

I had to bite the bullet and rely on benefits luckily I qualified for DLA which was a life saver as it allows me to engage in support and helps me get out and about

PIP has been in the back of mind since it first hit the news many years ago and I have heard horror stories and seen the devastation first hand of people unfairly treated under the new system

I received my letter today

Your DLA is ending you can claim PIP

My anxiety hit the roof my IBS has gone into overdrive

I know if I am the next victim of this cruel system my life, mental health and relationship will most likely take a turn for the worse

There has to be a better way to treat people like me especially since there are people far less likely to cope with this system.


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