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Medication lies to our Brains but mine isn't fooled

Having Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and other disorders i have over the years tried many methods and medications to help with my symptoms.

One thing i found is most techniques i have tried that have been used successfully for people with OCD , ADHD and Tourette Syndrome have not worked on me.

Medications have been the same they either have no, opposite or an unexpected reaction but not the one required.

I go through bouts of anxiety and stress causing lack of sleep and my sensory issues to become far worse than the high level they are at.

During this period my Ticcs subside a little an indication of how hard this is hitting me

I recently had a very bad spell and tried the medication i have for occasions when i cant cope, i tried using these Meds on the first very bad day to no effect.

A couple days later at the end of my tether i tried again a higher dose and i was in such a bad place i used alcohol too.

This gave me 2hrs sleep then i was up on my feet extremely hyperactive.

Finally i tried a last resort something i use only a couple times a year when things are too bad, i used a small amount of Cannabis, this had an instant effect on my anxiety, stress and my sensory issues it did not effect my ticcs although other people have reported it has had drastic effects on ticcs.

following day i felt fine and had small amount of sleep.

So wanting to find something i can use more safely and controlled i did some research and found that Sativex would be the answer as its natural and will contain the same drugs but in controlled levels as the cannabis i had used.

Unfortunately it seems unless i have MS then i cant have Sativex but can try Nabilone a synthetic drug.

Now the way i see it is Nabilone is going to try to lie to my brain and make it think i have taken cannabis, this is a brain that has yet to be fooled by all the drugs prescribed previously.

So here is my conclusion.

Cannabis is the only thing that has worked with minimal side effects.

Sativex is derived from 2 cannabis plants and is a safer option than street cannabis.

Nabilone is a synthetic drug that will try to fool my brain and has many side effects some that could be quite serious to myself.

My Brain understands the Drugs in Cannabis and reacts appropriately, Sativex contains these same drugs so my brain will understand them also, Nabilone is trying to lie to my brain and tell it it has these drugs, good chance my brain will say 'do not compute' and do something unpredictable.

I cant have what i need and what is the best and safest option but i can have something that is a risk and more than likely wont work.

i will be having a 2 week trial of Nabilone after that if it doesn't work and i cant have Sativex its back to square one and taking cannabis that i am unaware of the full properties.

i found a 4th option but is expensive and that is the medipen a vape that has refills of cannabis oil and coconut oil made in Holland and has been derived from plants grown with higher CBD so is healthier and wont get you high, unfortunately i would have to buy it myself over internet at a high cost.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. my son was diagnosed about 8-9 years of age. At first it was burping sound then changed to physical tics where he started stabbing himself and hitting other siblings. He developed Aspberger syndrome and OCD with a disability if hypotonia that can't be remediated. The tics change almost every day where he woul pound his leg screaming paki paki paki.. (These are known as racial slurs). Initially we started some pills prescribed resperidone. Lost two much weight. He ended up studying in hospital schools as it was too much for him. He wrote a note to me saying he wants to die. As a last resort we immersed him sports and dance. He is now 24 years old med free with very mild Tics. You can grow out of them but if you can't you need to get a hold of the Tourette society!!! They can help love. Keep me posted please where their is a will there's away❣🇨🇦☀️

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