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Just for reference, I am a 13 year old female. For probably almost 2 years now I have been getting what I now think to be motor tics. My relatives always used to make fun of the way I'd blink constantly, as I'd clamp my eyelids really tightly every time I closed my eyes. It felt as if I needed to do so to fulfill some kind of urge. Since around a year ago this gradually developed from eye blinking to stretching my arms and legs, as well as clearing my throat constantly. This annoys everyone around me but it gets very irritating having some sort of urge to cough every few seconds and not being able to do anything about it. I think these are vocal tics, however when I brought them up at a visit to my doctor they dismissed it as just a habit, or a dry throat and I am way too shy to even think about crossing a professional.

Recently, however, they have been getting more and more noticeable. I roll my neck and shoulders as well as stretching out my arms and wrists straight in front of me, sometimes in quick succession. Nobody's brought it up yet but I'm very scared of being confronted and not having anything to say; I can't stand being judged like that. I know for certain that it looks very strange, but I can't help it because if I hold it in for too long I end up just firing them off randomly for even longer, for want of a better way of putting it.

I've already spoken to my mother about it but she doesn't seem to believe me. I don't blame her as I'm paranoid about these things and I spend way too much time researching the symptoms, but when I stumbled across Tourette's Syndrome (which I'm ashamed to say I thought was basically just copralalia) it fit too well. I'm scared of looking like an attention seeker so I'd much prefer to get a second opinion anonymously if I'm wrong and being stupid.

tl;dr do I have Tourette's?

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It's sound very much like Tourette syndrome. This is what you need to do. Neurologist and Psychatrists are the only doctors that can assess you whether you have Tourette's or some other condition. You would have to go to your family doctor and ask him/her to refer you to see one of the above-mentioned. I have no idea what law governs the city regarding 13 years old, but here in Canada children at that age can see a family doctor without the consent of their parents or guardian. If that's not the case, you can go to your mother again and show her my post as well as the reply I'm giving you. I raised a son with multiple conditions, Tourette Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome and a multitude of health problems. It's important for you to get a proper diagnose ASAP. To tell you the truth I don't understand why your mother would not believe you especially when she has been witnessing your tics for awhile. Tics come in so many forms and degrees. My career was teaching children with special needs and exceptionalities. A lot of people associate Tourette Syndrome with just swearing. This can be farther from the truth. Coprarlia tics are extremely rare there are only a handful at best with that affliction. Unfortunately the amount of tics my son was experiencing, warranted me taking him to a day hospital high school for a full year. Tics increase in intensity when you reach puberty and can be painful for the family as well;by the way you describe yours and would say you definitely have Tourette's. Try these ideas and will you let me know how successful you are in acquiring the help you deserve and need?? I will be praying for you! Good luck! By the way you seem much older than 13 years old love. You seem to be such an intelligent young lady. I know you will do fine. Just don't give up!! My son didn't and now he's fininishing his last year of higher education as well as fulfilling his dreams of having a family of his own. Keep in touch!!!!

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Haha thank you!

I'll be sure to follow your advice and let you know of the results. I bet you're very proud of your son, and it's really great to know that he didn't let TS hold him back. My mum has already told me that she'll take me to the doctor if I'm concerned about it, so it's off to a good start already.

Again, thanks for your help!

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Good luck, love and if it is Tourette there are so many organizations that you can look up to get help, advice and just plain hang around with. No matter what it will be ok. I'm glad your mom is listening to you now, she should! Only you really can identify what's going on inside Right??? It was a little more fifficult growing up with my sons case as he had other syndromes and health concerns. But like I said before never ever put limitations on your life or allow anybody else please? That includes any family members as well. You can do anything you want you'll just have to adapt, adjust and above all never be ashamed to ask questions!!!!OK? Have a happy holiday with health and prosperity to you and your family. Please update me with your profess ttfn!!!Janet:)


Hi there

Thanks so much for getting in touch. Please look at our website as there is so much information on there

If you can call the helpline we can send you a range of leaflets, but you can find them on the website

If you call the helpdesk they can send you leaflets and also send you information about how to go about seeing a specialist who might give a diagnosis Helpdesk 0300 777 8427 The helpdesk can also send you leaflets about being diagnosed and we have a list of specialists that you can request and then ask your GP to refer you. Your GP is also welcome to contact us – or you can take some of the leaflets with you if you go?

For people that do have a diagnosis some find an ID card helpful – which they can show people to explain why they are moving and making noises

Tourettes Action is here to help so please do email of call the helpdesk and look at our website, you can contact us whenever you need


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