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Are you mindful?


Young people wanted to take part in Mindfulness Research

We are looking for young people interested in trying out a new way of working therapeutically to try and reduce tic frequency. This research will help us to understand what is helpful to young people in trying to reduce their tic frequency, and will help us to learn more about what we can do. We are looking for boys and girls aged between 11 and 13 to take part in research.

We will be using mindfulness, which does not involve taking any medication, or any medical procedure – it is a psychological approach that involves looking at the way we think. Participants will be invited to attend a group session with up to nine others, which will be supervised by a counselling psychology trainee. Parents may attend if they wish, but we politely ask them not to interrupt the session.

The group will take place in the West Midlands. Participants will be asked to attend for 1 session and will be required to complete simple questionnaires. There will be a follow up 1 month after the study where the young people will be invited to fill in questionnaires. Parental guidance and involvement will be requested before children can take part.

Please email Paula if you are interested in taking part in our study - p.greenman@wlv.ac.uk