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Struggling at work, tics getting worse

After years of problems, my doctor has confirmed I have tourettes. I have been working in a new job for the last 4 months as a Assistant Manager of a Pub/Restraunt. The first month was fine while I did my training. However since then, my tics have become severely worse, I am struggling all the time and have developed a lot of new tics and my vocal tics have got louder and I have started whistling. My doctor has signed me off for a week to relax, but I was admitte to hospital due to an anxiety issue relating to this all, and the doctor said I should stop working till I got more help and had it under control, especially as I work serving food and drink. What should I do? Will I get any financial support if I have to leave due to health reasons? I have a wife and 3 children to look after, and due to my increase tics it's hard to do anything with them. But also if I have no money I won't afford to house and feed them. Please any advice will be grateful

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