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TS in Adults

I was 26 when i started having tics. Initially it was limited to only eye flickering but now it has spread to facial grimmacing and head jerking. Is it common to have Tics in adults. I have been on medication but that does not seem to work. could anyone suggest a more complete/holistic approach as to how can the tics be made go away. really exhausted hiding this at workplace. help!!

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I have tried medication but now I take nothing. I have spent all my life hiding my tics but as I get older I find that I can't be bothered to hide them so much. Tell your work colleagues that you have tics and relax about it. There is no real way to get rid of the tics so stop fighting them. We don't try to hide other disabilities so don't be ashamed of your tics. Sorry to be blunt but that's the way it is.


Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time please do have a look at our webpage Behavioural therapies and Tourette Syndrome

People find that this can be really helpful – if you would like to be put in touch with a therapist then please call/email the helpline and they can send you a list – there may be one in your area. If there isn’t then some therapists offer therapy via skype. Helpdesk 0300 777 8427

Hope this helps

Best wishes Seonaid (Research manager at TA)


I'm 36 and I've had tics for almost 20 years. I agree that it's totally exhausting trying to manage them in work. I'm about to drop asleep but I will post again tomorow with some tips on things that have worked for me x


I've been also experiencing strange tremors with jerking motions. They diagnosed it three years ago as generalize essential myoclonus with a frontal benigh lesions. I'm 56 years old how can be? My son was diagnosed with Asperger Tourette and Kawasaki syndrome not to mention all the other disabilities. He was raised in a day hospital for his education and has grown out of some of the tics. One was so bad he was screaming paki paki paki and then hit his leg so hard that it would bruises. You should seem him now he's finishing his degree this year moving to the states with his girlfriend and hopefully I will see grandchildren. I took him off the drugs immediately and started working with occupational therapy at school and at home and kept him very active. Now a days their is so much out their and if you really not able to do the pharmaceutical way love. Start researching ask people and never give up❣🇨🇦😎


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