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TS and dyslexia

My son is almost 8 years old and has been diagnosed with TS about a year ago. We knew much before that but didn’t need a formal diagnosis until the school asked for it. The independent school he attends has been fabulous and very supportive. The teacher has had concerns about Oliver’s writing skills and put it down to TS. However his TS symptoms are very quiet at the moment but his concentration is down completely. The teacher has done a initial assessment of Dyslexia and has mentioned that she has heard of a correlation between TS and Dyslexia.

Has anyone for more info on this link between the two and how may of you have children with TS and dyslexia ?

Many thanks in advance for your kind replies


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Hi Florence,

My son has visual dyslexia and has made enough progress NOT to now be diagnosed with Dyslexia. My daughter has visual dyslexia. Basically light sensitivity makes the words move, shake, blur etc and this also impacts on writing. Also ask the teacher to have him tested for coloured overlays/ Myers Irlens and you can give him different coloured pens to write in on white paper and ask if any seem clearer - he'll soon notice a difference if there is light sensitivity.

A lot of Tourettes is down to overflow of sensory/motor influences. Look into HANDLE at and also into the Interactive Metronome at I'd advise you to look up Matthew McNatt - - who uses both of these holistic, drug free approaches with many clients in the USA and has himself reduced his tourettes from Full blown to practically non existence. I am trained in the Interactive Metronome and completing training in Handle so I can offer it in the UK. I would advise you contact Sean Williams - to consider starting with HANDLE, seems very simple approach but is hugely effective. I was able to help a colleague stop her daughters constant facial tics within 2 weeks just through her using 2 of the HANDLE exercises daily, and I do not have the level of expertise - yet- that Sean can offer. IF you want to contact me please use . I am very experienced in Tourettes, 3 members of my family have it, my son Greg does the documentaries for the BBC and is known for his skating and drumming.

There are many positive things that you can do that are drug free, holistic and non invasive if you are prepared to be pro active and stick with it. My son is now at uni, when he was 8 he couldn't; read, write, hold a pen etc as things were so bad, but I found a way and didn;t give up. You can do it, be positive, stay strong and follow up the leads I've given you. Its taken me years to find them but my aim is to eventually provide them myself in the UK and I'm nearly there.


Dear Florence,

Many thanks for your post. It’s great to hear your son’s school has been so supportive. Although a direct association with TS is lacking in the research it is understood that dyslexia can be one of the neuro-developmental comorbidities associated with TS. Concentration difficulties are not uncommon and another comorbidity you may wish to consider is ADHD. We would suggest that a full educational psychology assessment would be very useful in this case.

I hope this helps,

best wishes Seonaid

(TA research manager)


Our Jacob has no learning problems with his "Tics"


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