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Broken Cogs


For 38 years I was a cog in society’s machine

One day some of my cogs broke and I didn’t work in the machine anymore

I found myself removed and put aside broken and useless, a spare part that didn’t fit

Not wanting to be useless and wanting to be a working part, I’ve started to recycle myself

I am beginning to be a new part in the machine not as big, less significant but a working part none the less

Since I broke I have met many other broken cogs

Whether they have realised it or not they have recycled too and are parts in the machine again just in different places

So to all my fellow recycled cogs, society may not see where we fit, but we do and that’s what matters most

So in whatever way you do it,

keep on turning!

Gordon Williams

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As the wife of a late onset Touretter and the Mum of a 12 year old with Tourette's as well, I just wanted to thank you for your very positive post. My husband has managed to hold onto his job and carry on regardless of what Tourette's throws at him and is still battling it. I know that this condition can completely overtake a person, no matter how hard they fight it, but it is brill that someone realises that everyone has something to contribute to society, even if it takes a more different path than originally thought. You are not broken, just remodelled and I agree recycled. Out of old rubber tyres great sculptures grow. Congrats xx


i had worked from the age of 15 and 25 years on it took one rubbish manager to destroy my working life

i hit an all time low but with the help of fellow sufferers i picked myself up

im on a new path now it just took time to accept the change


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