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Me and the Major

Me and the Major

I’ve had an interesting day to day, with a few others I took a visit to the office of our local MP for Nuneaton and Bedworth, Major Dan Byles to hand in a petition against the NHS reforms. I, of course had a couple of questions to ask him after the disappointment I faced when I received a letter from him with regards to the proposed changes to DLA.

“I still have concerns that as a recipient of the lower care component of DLA that due to the reforms I may loose this essential help that I get and also as a repercussion of have to work full time when I get a job, which would be detrimental to both my mental and physical health. I also have grave concerns for those with TS that are currently in receipt of IB or ESA and either find their ESA cut after a year or be deemed fit to work by the Work Capability Assessment.”

He reassured me that due to the fact the government plans to reduce the 3 care components down to 2 should effect those on the lowest care component, his office manager, who is herself a disabled person was also very concerned about these changes and promised to keep me up to date with any updates with regards to DLA/Personal Independence Payment. I voiced my concerns with regards to the use of face to face assessments and that the evidence from GPs and consultants should be enough. So with regards to this please watch this space.

“I’m also very interested to find out your opinions are regarding that within the Education system and Criminal Justice system TS is categorised alongside Autism and Asperger’s syndrome”

He told me that he’d be very interested in lobbying for Tourette’s Action as his fellow Tory MPs Stewart Jackson and Paul Maynard have recently done during Prime Minister’s Question Time. He also said that he would be very interested in attending any further events such as the Parliamentary Reception held by the Neurological Alliance just before Christmas.

So a successful session I think!

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HI Catherine

That's excellent news to end the week! Great networking by you, and the minister's response to your concerns and his interest in lobbying for Tourettes Action are all very positive! Yes, recently MP Paul Maynard - at Department of Education questions in the House of Commons - raised the issue of TS and the SEN Green Paper. He drew attention to TS being categorised alongside many other developmental disorders when it is specifically a neurological disorder, which he said "perpetuates many of the concerns of people with TS about how society treats them". This information was acknowledged and will be taken into acocunt with the follow up of a formal letter from the minister outlining details of TS and the Green Paper.


Genius! and there's a song title in it for you too!


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