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So much pain I am annoyed!

I have had a [sarcasm] brilliant [/sarcasm] few weeks. Since my last blog, my eye tics have got worse and have, as Tourettes does expertly, added several new and old ones back into my long list of tics. My eyes have been rolling around so much that they have gone very red and I look like I have not slept in months. Thankfully I have been sleeping well despite a persistent Tawny owl screeching outside my home. It kept my housemate and the sleep-in staff awake all night. I briefly woke up, muttered 'Oh it's that b****y tawny owl again' then fell back on to my pillow and went back to sleep.

I suppose the reason I have slept so well, especially that night' was because I had to do a lot of hard manual work at the shelter on Saturday. That was very interesting considering that my eyes were hardly working! I ended up coated in rabbit poop but apart from that I got out unscathed. Then... I didn't poop until Wednesday... THAT plus the eye tics was so horrible that I was crying for most of the day until a large pack of emergency laxatives arrived! IBS is not fun at all. The Tourettes decided it had it's own method of trying to remove the blockage as I kept banging my fist into my gut really hard. Needless to say this did not work, but the Tourettes enjoyed it...

I ordered the blue cane I mentioned in my previous blog. It is tiny (like me) and just looks like a hiking pole so no one jumps out of my way thinking I am proper blind and am going to embed myself in their butt. Please note, during nearly a year at a college for the blind, I only actually saw this happen once... I went out for the first time since getting the cane (Wednesday) today (now Friday) and I felt so much more confident than before and even managed to go into several shops without support. I have also made use of my computer's built in narrator (which is rubbish compared to the proper ones I have been told) which is currently telling me what I am typing as my eyes are rolling about all over the place. Before I post I can check it on a free screen reader to make sure I haven't spelt anything wrong!

I have also decided to try learning Spanish through listening. Well I may as well do something to pass the time while I can't draw, watch TV or do a jigsaw. If I learn a new skill as a result then bonus! I will be learning it on my new CD/Cassette player that I got on Thursday. Currently though I am listening to Michael Ball and several tapes which I bought whilst cassette-player less.

Anyway, I am babbling now. Here is a video of my eye tics:

I have turned comments off on the video to avoid immature trolls.

P.S I would also like to take the opportunity to welcome my new nephew Lucas into the world. He is so cute!

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