Racist Friend

Racist Friend

Why do my tics seem to become a wee bit controversial whilst I’m on public transport? There I am innocently sitting on a bus when a woman gets on the bus with what looks like at first glance a pushchair, which I then realised was a special pushchair for a dog (???!!!!!???) so the vocal tics begin….”DOG PRAM”, “F*%! OFF” as the bus trundles towards Coventry city centre the bus fills up and gets quite crowded a robust Caribbean woman sits next to me and spends her journey staring at me, blatantly ! I’m to polite to say anything but of course bearing in mind this woman’s build my “FAT” tic is simmering away under the surface, I try some of the tips that my Habit Reversal Training therapist has suggested like thinking “slim” I think “slimslimslimslim” but all I can think is “FATFATFATFATFAT” and then “RICE AND PEAS ….RICE AND PEAS” in a cod Jamaican accent rather like Tricia on Bo Selecta. She’s still staring at me and I’m trying so hard to keep both the “FAT” in and the “RICE AND PEAS” as I would hate to be seen as racist because I’m not I have some good friends who are Jamaican, I had a year long relationship with a Coventry born Jamaican, in fact the Welsh have quite a bit in common with the West Indian community, bara brith/bun for example. Anyway the bus reaches Coventry city centre she can’t get off the bus quick enough! You’ve got to laugh.

Anyway, I’ve been quite a busy bod, I’m currently in the middle of decorating my lounge so soon I’ll be getting to grips with the recently published Welfare Bill and the more recently published green paper on special education which will effect most kids with TS, so watch this space. Today also is the day I do my Knit-a-thon so if you haven’t yet sponsored me please do! justgiving.com/Catherine-Mosey

Here’s some music from sunny Coventry. youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&v=g...

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  • I was on a coach from London to Liverpool a few years ago and this black woman asked could she sit by the window and near the end of the journey she started saying stuff like have you ever thought of going to get all that sorted out (my problem she said) I politely explained the situatiion then she asked me did I belive in Jesus. She then said if I did I might not be like I was. She was also pooh-pooing me with little pfts! when I answered

    Eventually I said to this very rude black woman that there coul;dn't possibly be a God esle she wopuldn't be black. When she asked me to explain I said well if Jesus or God can 'cure' me of my 'problem' then surely he could make her white because let's face it look at me and look at you and you have to admit white is better. She never spoke to me for the rest of the journey

    But of course, I didn't actually beleive any of what I said but it helped me from not saying what I really wanted to say to her the cheeky ******* black *****!!! Those rude people think they can walk all over people's feelings and get away with it - but they can't not with me anyway!

  • I feel offened by that. Did I tell you about the time when I was blessed and given a prayer card on the tube by an elderly Irish man. It's nothing to do with race, it's just ignorance, the man asked me if I belived in God and I told him that I was brought up Catholic but he still blessed me. Maybe it was his way of trying to help me, I did give up my seat for him too!. I think with regards to my racist tics (RICE AND PEAS), I have to also hold in references to a certain food stuff and prime minister from my TS consultant's country of origin too as I'd hate to offend him as he's such a nice guy. I really don't want to offend anyone, even random people on the bus regardless of their level of ignorance.

  • Was what I said offensive or what the woman said offensive?

  • Both, I'm afraid.