Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?

I must say a big thanks to Julie our Groups support officer as she’s arranged another meeting for us ticcers in the Midlands so if you happen to be in Birmingham city centre on the 16th April at 1pm please join us we’d love to meet you. If you wish to join us, ticcer, parent, carer or friend just get in touch with either Julie or me for more details.

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  • Sounds good, another one I'm going to miss as too far away and incomeless atm

    Is that bull in the New Bull ring shopping centre?

  • That bull is inside Selfridges and is covered with jelly beans, lol

  • I love that Selfridges building and and all the chrome jellybeans, surpisingly enough, I haven't heard of one report saying it's a carbuncle on something or other (Prince Chas talking nonsense as usual)

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