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Frankly, Mr Shankly

Frankly, Mr Shankly

It’s been a bit of a mad weekend, particularly after David Cameron’s Telegraph interview

Where as we all now know he likened Ed Ball’s heckling to “like having someone with Tourette’s sitting opposite you”. Reading this took me back to the time when I nearly met him at an NHS listening event, the politicians circled the room, visiting each table and listening to our opinions, Andrew Lansley, the Minister for Health took my tics in his stride and we put our point across, we also met with Paul Burstow, the Minister for Social Care, The PM also did his rounds, he went to every table except ours, I did meet his eye (I’m still alive, I wasn’t zapped!) and what a look I was met with, considering that politicians, especially the PM have a team of body-language and public speaking experts behind them anybody could have read his mind. (See picture) Talking about the PM’s general demeanour brings us along nicely to the apology that us ticcers received on Sunday morning again, Cameron’s body language gives it away, a breezy, jovial, apology, almost as sincere as Father Jack, (a massive thank you to Little Clapham for the comparison) which tells us really what he thinks of us folk with TS.

What would be nice to see from Cameron is a gesture, a nice big fat wad of cash donated to TA perhaps? That would be too easy for somebody as rich as him. I’ve actually had a little think about this, what would be an appropriate gesture would be for him to meet with a group of ticcers and parents of children with TS and put it straight to him firstly what life is like for us and secondly we’d like to discuss some of plans that the Condemns have got in store for us and how they’re going to affect us. I think that’s only fair.

By the way guys and gals we’ve got 10 days left until the Welfare Reform Bill leaves the House of Lords, I’m sure you’re all sick of me bleating on about it, but it is VERY IMPORTANT, what I would like you all to do is to please sign this petition share it with your friends and family, email it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, just please spread the word.

Lastly here’s a little song dedicated to Mr Cameron, Morrissey has a fantastic way of putting things across, I don’t want anything from John Lewis, I just want to be accepted and to be treated fairly. I know Mozzer’s lyrics are about unrequited love, but they fit the situation perfectly.

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Lol thanks for the Father Jack credit! It immediately came to mind though when I heard he had been 'MADE TO say sorry!'