Tourettes Action

Psychopathic ramble

Keep watching ... the Tourettes community won't take this lightly ... some good may come out of this yet. I did feel that the PM was sorry for himself that he'd slipped up, the focus was on what he was going to do in order not to be caught out again and not focused on how people with TS might feel being used as a comparison to what he sees as the 'annoying' behaviour of another politician.

But remember this ... he made this comment in an interview, and not in the House of Commons PM question time.

He was not under pressure when he made his comment, he was in full control with time to think before he answered and still CHOSE to make a highly inappropriate reference to people with Tourettes.

With reference to catherinem's comments about psychopaths ... check out psychopathic traits on a simple web search and see how many you recognise, you may be enlightened but not surprised.


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