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More Than a Feeling

The bloody nerve of the woman!!!

I suddenly can't remember her name - Dr Austin I think - but she was on the radio today, and yesterday, and the day before, and in the press (hardly publicity shy is she) and this doctor who took and oath to uphold life blah, blah and now whe is publicly saying that any premature baby (sorry can't remember the weeks buit think it's 23wks) should not be hel;ped to stay alive by the doctors and nurses as they are not only a drain on public money buit also a general buirden on society as they generally end up disabled in some way (these are my words I haven't got the exact ones with me) but you get the general gist

And I can tell, just by the sound of her voice, that she is enjoying the angry public reaction and she's very pompous when being criticesd by callers on radio phone-ins

This must be one very cold woman, lacking in feeling and I would hate her to be my GP that's for sure. Imagine going to her to discuss your TS and other problems

Doesn't bear thinking about

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The ref here was More Than a Feeling by that rubbish group Boston

You're obviously not trying hard enough


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