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can you take levothyroxine with food?

Today I started levothyroxine 100 mcg to treat hypothyroidism caused by Hashimotos. The doctor told me to take it in the morning but I remember seeing on this site (or somewhere that I can't now find) that you shouldn't have food at the same time. Does anyone have any ideas or is it just different for everyone? I had the tablets then breakfast and tea about 20 mins later - should I try and have them further away from meals?

Any suggestions would be welcome. I have found the information on this site so helpful as I was trying to work out what's wrong with me. Thank you!

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So many substances interfere with absorption of thyroid hormones, it is simply not possible to say anything other than take well away from food, drink (other than water), supplements and other medicines.

A two hour gap either side seems optimum. extended to four hours for iron or calcium supplements.

This is one of the reasons that some people take theirs at bed-time. But it is not the only reason. Have a look here:

Be aware that when you are due your next blood test, do NOT take the tablets before you have the blood drawn. That would tend to show the peak of T4 from the tablet rather than a more realistic indicator of how much s usually in your blood. Defer your tablet and take straight after the blood test. For that one day, do not worry about interfering with breakfast, etc.

Also, always try to have your blood tests as early in the day as possible. TSH drops significantly between the early morning and afternoon.



Thanks Rod, this is helpful.


I have also found this info helpful thank you ..

I have always taken my eltroxin at the same time even when having the blood tests a couple of hours later.

I have always wondered about this but no GP or nurse has ever told me otherwise and I have questioned this !

I have carried on taking my eltroxin as soon as wake up as there are many hours before and after with no food etc;

I have changed the time I take the hrt as I used to take them together .. but I was told to take them like this so I didn't forget one of them.


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