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Thyroid removal

According to my Endo Consultant yesterday I'm at the extreme end of Hyperthyroidism and will have to have my Thyroid removed surgically.

Has anyone else had this proceedure and can you tell me what to expect afterwards regarding health, meds weight gain and anything else please?

I was also interested to read the article yesterday regarding Natural Health and wonder if that could be an option.

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Hi. Having mine out on Monday hopefully. I have multi modular goitre and hyperthyroidism. I'm worried about afterwards too but hopefully I'll be able to let you know.



Yes please. I've read a lot re post op and it's worrying. Most people seem to have more wrong afterwards than before.

Hope all goes well.

Many thanks



I'm hoping that it's because the people who are well afterwards don't report on places like this. Let's hope we can both change that! I'm no expert but happy to answer questions on what I've been through. Take care.


Thanks, you too.



I had a sub-total thyroidectomy in 1978 and immediately after felt slightly better (especially as I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time and it was done in a rush. I also was not given any treatment after the first year (only 25mcg thyroxine). This small amount was stopped after my daughter was about 6 months old and I was not given any treatment until 1997. Gradually thyroxine was built up to 75mcg which i am still on and normally reasonably well unless I have antibiotics which really upset things. This last time I have been suffering for the past 5 years, hopefully this is now being sorted out by going to an out-of-area hospital after being looked at by about 20 doctors during one appointment - akind of 'brainstorming'. Be careful of what antibiotics you have in the future. Good luck. Janet.


Hi Janet,

I've been unwell for about 2 years. I saw a Cardiologist originally and diagnosed with Arrhythmia. Also 3rd year of the Menopause. I'm so fedup, it seems an age since I felt like myself. So, this is what bothers me. If, and I can't say I've decided yet, if I go ahead I don't want to swap one set of problems for another. Another question is weight. I'm a very healthy 56 yr old 8 stones and I can't imagine piling on the pounds. What I don't understand is I eat very healthily, don't smoke and drink occasionally, so why does it go so wrong!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Lynn, I guess it goes wrong when we are not optimally treated, and I definitely don't feel that I am. I have read on numerous occassions that if you have had Graves you definitely do better on a T4/T3 mix. Although I feel I had great treatment and care before the operation, afterwards I felt just abandoned, traipsing to the local hospital in Kent (it hasn't got a good name now, and I don't think was good even then) with two babies under two, feeling at death's door. This went on for many years, until I was given 75mcg (in stepped doses) in 1997, when within 4 months I began to feel muchlike my old self, although that was when I began to put on even more weight. had put on almost one and a half stone within a month of the op and have just gone on going up since and am now 12 stone. Before the Graves I was 8st 2lb after the birth of my first son in 1968 and I am 5ft 4in so felt this was about right, with endless energy. Energy beginning to get better, but aches and pains still bad. Think all in all the operation (partial if possible) is better than RAI. Just want to say I have lost 3/4 stone since starting Vit D3 in May 2012. Wish you good luck in making a decision. Janet.


Hi All,

For those of your who are about to have your Thyroid removed in particular I just had to write. I had mine removed about 7 years ago now and have written blogs on it as I go. I have mentioned two of them below:

Life with no thyroid. many hurdles ? aug 2011

My life with No Thyroid, Doctors an Endocrinologist and Paloma Faith

GuardianAngel 6 days ago

I hope these may help you. At this moment in time I now having had help and support from here which has helped me get the right help from my GP surgery and I now also have an Endo too. I feel the best I have done in many years. I have just about finished the menopause which started early at around 46 years of age. this was 2 yrs after op. The weight is an issue but I have had weight loss hypnosis in a bid to shift it and not keep the weight on a yo yo phase.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and I do want to get that message across. I am happy to answer any questions and help all I can and wish you all the very best

K (guardian angel) :)


Hi K,

Many thanks for your reply. I'll have a look for both your articles as I don't feel enough is discussed regarding Hyperthyroidism or Thyroidectomy. I've struggled to find even on the Internet, information that informs.



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