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still up and down a LOT and given too much carbimazole


still find it hard to do this as still up and down, but wonder if anyone has any experience of claiming DLA for this? lupus has been mooted before and this maybe part of the deal as its AI Graves with elliptocytosis,nephrotic syndrome, arthritis, type2 diabetes. two autistic kids that need extra help day n night so bit busy really!

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oh yes - carb upped to 30mg...abdo swollen, told i was over-corrected...???feel such a thickhead but hardly understand anything any more!


Hi Sugarplumfairy, Well you do sound busy!!! I'm exhausted just reading.. On to your question, which I have very little experience of.. BUT my mother had a good talk the Benfefits enquiry line when she was sorting out attendance allowance for looking after my Gran (88yrs Old heart attack and hip replacement just for starters). She found that they were very helpful and gave her lot's of good advice about what to put on the forms etc... Try 0800 882 200 or the online.

Might help or could be a good place to start the ball rolling. Sorry can't help more than that I'm sure someone else on the site will be able to . Keep smiling even though it's hard. Perks


Hi Sugar ,

wow you have a lot to put up with , has your GP not been of any help with this ? or social worker , I know that my friend gets DLA for her arthritis so you should get it with all you have going on , but don't expect to get it 1st time , it took my friend 5 goes before she got it ?

Good luck Jan x


hi take a look at the benefits and work website, there is information on there about benefits, you can also join for a small fee and there is loads of advice on how to fill out the forms good luck it helped me with my claim x


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