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Newly diagnosed Endocrinologist appointment in 2 weeks

I have been reading all about Hypothyroidism, of course, having been diagnosed in November. There are some horror stories out there aren't there. !! I am hoping that my Endo (appt 2 weeks) turns out to be a good one after reading some choice remarks from some of you.....I want to say I think I have been ultra lucky in my GP who seems to have been on the case from day one. I live in Bristol, so any feed back on treatment etc in this part of the world?? So far I have been impressed..........I will report back...after Endo appt ...

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Hi First of all good luck. If your GP is good then make sure on the day you actually see the consultant she has recommended. If any one else say that you want to wait, they may be difficult but they have to go along with your wishes, even if not there and it means going back again! Then if not happy,, listening matters most, do not hesitate to ask for a re referral.

Also, make a list of the worse problems , warning do not mention " sleep" as a lot of endo`s think that is only hyper, we know differently!



Excellent thanks Jackie, I have been diagnosed sleep and running around like a headless chicken in equal measure.......yesterday I walked 5 miles today I woke up at 10am....:o)


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