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Those on Creon - did your GP prescribe or did you have to go through a gastro referral first?

My GP has received written advice 2 x from some one more qualified than her that she should prescribe it. I've told her several times i have undigested food in my stools - and i have P. Anaemia, and still she won't do it. She wants a gastro to decide i need it.

Everything is such hard work with the NHS

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As frustrating as this will be for you - and the NHS is far too slow to help, do you think it would be better to actually get a diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency first before treating it? Otherwise she will be treating the symptoms instead of finding the cause.

Is your doctor going to refer you? She can actually arrange for a stool test in advance of an appointment so you have the information ready. The stool test is for fecal elastase and Calprotectin.

Hope this helps.


Hi First of all, yes a gastro or Hepatologist does have to prescribe Creon ( must be taken 20 mins before food) I have been looked after? by gastro`s for 30 years, so called top ones. I have only ever had one who could diagnose, in fact lots useless and I go privately! My endo , a long time ago said that my then gastro ( dumped) should do a Faecal Elastase test ( he refused ) a simple , specific stool tests. results come back idiot proof! However Gp will never do them. If bad yes you do need Creon on a script. However, it can be bought from Holland and Barratt the same ,it is an enzyme and safe if used correctly. You also need the 2 diabetes blood tests ( especially Hb A 1c) and Pancreas investigations. I am told by my Hepatologist that there are only three specific specialists in the country for Pancreas, not cancer.If you want further info click on pretend picture and send me a PM.



Hi - I already pay for my own NDT, B12 injections and i don't get prescriptions for gluten free foods either. I am a taxpayer, so on principle, i will not give up on this one - NHS needs to start getting it together.

Yes i know well how useless they are - it was an NHS gastro who misdiagnosed me with IBS. I got all my diagnoses privately. Sadly even when you get them all in writing, the NHS still chooses to disregard them.

Yes i am (after fighting for months) being referred to a gastro - not the useless one i had before but another, who may or may not be useless too :-)


Blue Daffodil, If not good ,force him to do a Faecal elastase test and investigate your pancreas, I did. The pancreas investigations include a complicated scope by a specialised ( rare ) radiologist ,who has to photograph the last bit! However it is fairly conclusive. The stool test ( simple , at home ) is only for the enzymes

Yes I agree about the all caring NHS. I have to buy armour, a lot of drugs that consultants want and GP say are too expensive. Also which infuriates me all the strips to test both INR and diabetes, very expensive and I have to use a great many. NICE, the government , my health authority and the company that makes them , keep telling me I can get them NHS!!

I hope you get on OK.



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