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Thyroid problems and diagnosis

Hi all,

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated please :)

The situation is - I am in my late twenties, and 2 years or so ago I developed pretty bad skin (I'd been very lucky as a teenager and missed out) and slowly put on weight. Granted, my exercise levels dropped when I graduated etc. I am always tired, despite how much sleep I get, and just generally feel lethargic and blurgh.

In the last 2 months or so I have taken up running (training for a half marathon) and a weekly fitness class. I have cut down on all rubbish foods, and probably only consume 900 or so calories on your average day, in an attempt to lose weight - which doesn't seem to budge despite everything I'm trying.

My mother has had Thyroid problems and has been on medication for 8 years or so, and my grandmother has just been diagnosed too.

So, I think it's quite likely (although it would be good to hear your thoughts) I have a problem too. Trouble is - I have suspected this for a while and been to the doctors for bloods, but they all come back as 'normal'. The doctors are pretty dismissive (I think I've seen two separate doctors and had much the same response).

Is there anything else I can do to help it/ask for different tests/try and see a different doctor (I'm in Devon, UK)?

Any help would be very gratefully received,

Many thanks,


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Welcome to our support group.

What you will have to do first of all is to get a print-out of your latest blood tests complete with ranges (that's the figures in brackets) and post them here so that we can answer you better.

You may be correct in that your grandmother and mother both have thyroid problems.

If you haven't already had a vitamin B12 and a vitamin D blood test, ask you doctor to do them. Most times we find we are deficient in these two vitamins. Also has he made sure your iron levels etc are good.


Hi Rachael! What I would do is get copies of your blood test results and put them on here and also read as much as you can about thyroid. Most doctors go on a Tsh result but it is not always accurate you could have "normal" results" but have all the symptoms of thyroid. Also other tests you should/ can push for is iron, adrenal fatigue, magnesium, calcium, glucose, vit d, vit b 12. With hypothyroid there is a connection with depleated vits and minerals. You are not alone xxx


Hi Shaws and Mumma,

Many thanks for your replies.

Ok that's super - thank you very much. Can all those bloods be taken at the same time?

I shall get myself booked in again and will report back as soon as I do.

I'm going to try and see the doctor who has recently diagnosed my grandmother as I think that may help.

Watch this space,

Thank you :)



Hi Rachael, how did you get on? I'm also in Devon and wondering what the services are going to be like?

Did you get referred to an endocrinologist?



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