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From hypo to hyper back to hypo??


I was hypothyroid for quite some time and thanks to you guys I pushed and eventually got a diagnosis, but by that time my thyroid had become overactive. I had been prescribed Carbimazole which ive been taking for 3 weeks, but my blood tests last week showed that I am now back into hypothyroidism. Ive been told to stop taking the tabs, have more bloods in 3 and 6 weeks and see them in 2 months. The doctor I saw in clinic was only an assistant and wasnt very helpful/?knowledgeable. He told me that perhaps I was losing my thyroid gland altogether (??after only a year?) or that it is too sensitive to the meds.

When I took this med 2/3 years ago it worked wonders and I was well again within weeks, which is why im really worried now.

Does anyone know whether this is normal or what these ups and downs mean?

This assistant also said the hot feelings im experiencing are nothing to do with the disease as I should be feeling cold not hot, and that there may be another cause for these flushes and sweats. Im sure he is wrong, can anyone clarify??

Many thanks


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Have you been checked for hashimotos disease? This can be hypo then hyper hyper happens when the thyroid overreacts to an attack by antibodies and puts out lots of thyroid hormones in an effort to ward them off. However, eventually the thyroid is overwhelmed and loses the ability to make thyroid hormones.

Carbimazole sound s a bit drastic..... do you have hashimotos or hashimotos and graves?

Hypothyroidism seems to affect our thermostats hence, hot and cold.... I'm alway too hot, but am hypo.



Thanks Nel,

Hashimotos/graves, Im not sure, they havent said, but I will certainly ask. I have all of the classic symptoms though.

Would you know how long it generally takes for the thyroid to stop producing hormones and once this happens does this mean that the symptoms will never cease? Im especially worried about the lack of energy, unable to exercise and losing my hair.



No hard and fast rule as to how long it takes the antibodies to kill off the thyroid. When the antibodies have done their job, they supposedly dissapear. I have antibodies of nearly 2000, after 20 years of having hashimotos, so can presume from this that I still have some thyroid waiting to be destroyed.

The unable to exercise usually linked to adrenals.

Losing hair to do with iron (ferritin) levels

The symptoms go away when the meds are right, and you feel well, not when the tests say you are well.



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