How do I explain his problems?

Poor little mite has had another turn tonight and he tells me he's had enough, the appointments are so far away. It breaks my heart to see him suffer. How do I explain these problems in a way that he will understand and be hopeful things will get better. Nothing I have said so far makes any difference when he has a bad day. I feel so useless. Any suggestions?

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  • Come on, your already doing everything you can, you need to stay positive and your not useless. The only think I can suggest is that every time he has an episode call 999 get the ambulance and get it documented. We're here for you.

  • i can only explain them with a religous answer

    like in the book of isaiah chaper 33v24 in gods new kingdom when earth will be a paridise no resident will say i am sick, but this is future, you have got to give him a future with a hope

    <b>Updated on Sep 2 2010 10:48PM:</b> i can give you alsorts of informaion along these lines should you want to continue

    <b>Updated on Sep 2 2010 10:49PM:</b> should you want to continue we can corrispond privately

  • Thankyou both so much, it makes all the difference to me to have you all I now just need to try to give him the same as you give me.

  • I would have a day or two in London and then take my child to the Great Ormond Street casualty department and then trust them to take it from there. Sometimes in life, desperate measures need to be taken for desperate times and how can your son possibly understand the exigencies of our health service.

  • This is so true, children are naturally so trusting of us adults and they trust us to fix them, I think this is why I feel so useless. I am trying so hard not to be rude to the docs but to say i'm struggling would be an under statement. He looks awful this morning after a very restless night,he's so white and his eyes are black. I have decided for today at least to take him back to the G.P and demand an explanation, how can he justify leaving him like this for another 6 weeks and that's just to see someone. Surely there must be a duty of care there?? If I have to find a way to quote some doctor type phrase then I will but i'm not a thinker in that respect perhaps someone may have an idea?? Please.

  • I am not certain about this but I don`t think Great ormond Street has a casualty department. I am afraid there is no easy answers to your sons problems the only thing to do is that is things get bad take him to the A and E and they may be able to make things a little easier for him until he goes to GOSH.Just try to say to him that he is having to wait because he is going to go to a very special hospital that will know how to help him.That is about all you can do. I feel for you and I hope that your son doesn`t have so many bad days between now and when he goes to the hospital and they manage to sort his problems out. I am sure they will. Take care.

  • I wonder if your GP could help you with the school situation -you really need the school to be sympathetic not penalising! -a letter from your GP might help to get them to see that your son is genuinely ill and needs support. I would also contact your Local Inclusion Officer -they should support you in getting the school to see sense. If this doesn't work then every authority has Parent Partnership -they are there to support you, know the education system and can help you in getting his needs met -that is if he is well enough to be in school. Other things to consider are reduced hours in school and there is also home tuition if he is too poorly. I think the only way to speed up seeing a consultant if GP won't fast track would be to offer to pay privately for the initial consultation, NHS after that.

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