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cortisol cream versus prednisolone

Hi Im new to the site,I have CFS,adrenal fatigue,IBS and hypothyroidism, It was suggested I take Prednisolone for my adrenal fatigue(have had adrenal stress index done ,result was very low) however got severe stomach aches on one 5mcg tablet daily,so cut down to half a tab still no good,have now cut down to quarter of a tab,still uncomfortable!!! I feel at a loss and terribly dissapointed,Ive had CFS for 20 yrs and heard that patients have had good results with Prednisolone or Cortef,but sadly my IBS has put the tin hat on it! I even have trouble taking vitamins,or digesting my food and need to take diestive enzymes.Ive gone dairy,gluten,corn and suger free to try and aleviate things too, is there any one out there who can tell me whether you can use a cortisol ceam instead to treat adrenal fatigue?? (therfore bypassing the gut) and if so, are there side affects and how long before some results are noticable?? hope someone out there can help, Best Wishes Thora

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Reading your story here brings two thoughts to mind. Firstly, if you're reacting that badly to Prednisolone, this might actually be a clue to what's going wrong. Which leads me to ask, have you considered that the root of your CFS, Adrenal fatigue and IBS might be Candidiasis (Yeast overgrowth)? If you haven't already looked at this possibility, here's a link to start you off in your research:


this is what I was thinking too. Who has diagnosed your cfs,adrenal fatigue,IBS and hypos? Many hypo's are wrongly diagnosed with cfs i.e. when their thyroid blood test results are within range but they have fatigue/weakness etc.

Tell us more if you are willing


Hi Goog

Im so sorry to sway away from your question but im useless at this site and dont know any other way to ask you. You kindly recommended a book to me in a conversation a while back, but I cant find the conversation. It was by a ?gentleman who suggested alternatives and for symptoms and it costs arund £12. I wonder whether you could let me know the name of the book again.

I feel as though Im butting in and ignoring your problems, but believe me if I had any answers I would be the first to give them to you. I hope you find something soon.

Thanks again,



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