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Deiodinase Type 3, not RT3, plays the T3-blocking role

By thyroidpatientsca on November 14, 2019

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Tania Smith's articles are always illuminating and I'd encourage as many as can to try reading some of them.

Even if some do not make much sense initially, they do start to gel as you read more of them. Well, I hope they do. :-)

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True, you have to be patient enough to get through them...but they are backed up by thorough research and honestly seem more trustworthy to me than many articles by so called thyroid experts/functional doctors...

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to

I think she (and diogenes) represent the division between science and medicine.

They both do what they can to understand, to get it right, and to explain as clearly as they can.

Whereas medicine seems to avoid scientific scrutiny. It pretends to use scientific methods but actually is often not much more than multiple anecdotes.

There are plenty in both science and medicine desperate to publish papers, gain kudos, climb the ladders, keep their jobs. Unfortunately the whole of medicine is so intricately linked with suppliers and other interests - pharmaceuticals, consumables, insurers, etc., etc. - that it must be difficult for even the most ethical and honest to avoid bias.

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