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Should I try a higher dose of Levo?


Me again, my GP has agreed to let me continue on 100mcg which I’m pleased about. It’s really odd that I take it at about 9pm but feel dizzy the next morning until about 1pm then it’s like a curtain being pulled back and I feel somewhat better but obviously not 100%. I’ve been told I’m under medicated on here but I’m worried about upping it 25mcg because I’m a bit scared incase I feel worse although it shouldn’t happen in reality, Would easing it in every other day be of any help? I can’t get 25mcg mercury pharma I believe it’s been said they don’t make it. What are your opinions, thanks

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Mercury pharma 25mcg is available at boots. I always get the 25mcgs there x

Thanks Sarahlouise1980

You can take 100mcg one day and 125mcg the next if that suits your body. You can half a 50mcg to get the 25mcg.

I taken mine at 7am and an hour or so later I start feeling dizzy like drunk and it lifts about 7pm and I feel great, I’ve literally just got back from the gp whom thinks I’m under medicated so has increased my dose, I was debating whether to change to night time so I could sleep the side effects off, I’m scared also invade this dizzy feeling gets worse😟

Dustpan in reply to Wwerty

Hi Wwerty isn’t it strange, are you on 100mcg too. I take mine at night but still feel weird in the morning and I thought maybe if I took it earlier in the evening then by the morning I’d feel so much better. What’s your dosage increased to. In a way I’m glad someone else feels the same as me but not glad to have that feeling. My dosage can make me hot with a headache now and then and palpitations, is that undermedicated symptoms?

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