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Blood test tomorrow am

Hi all,

I have a blood test for my thyroid levels tomorrow am and I forgot to take my levo last night (5am). Wasn’t going to take tonight’s. Will this skew the results and should I move my blood test? Thanks

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I take it you usually take your levo at night? Well, if you'd taken it last night, but not tonight, that would have been a gap of 36 hours, which is too long. Taking it tonight and having the blood draw in the morning would be too short a time. The first would give you a false low, the second a false high. So, I think you ought to reschedule your blood draw.

Next time, on the day before the blood draw, take your levo in the morning - just for once - so that you leave a gap of 24 hours, and that will be perfect. :)


Thanks greygoose!


You're welcome. :)

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