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Levothyroxine timeline

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Hey guys, I know it's obviously different for everyone: but I'd like to know your individual experience.

what was your timeline like for levo? As in, was it 3 weeks before you felt slightly better, 4 good, then 12 great?

I'm 3 weeks in now, and I have days where I feel good, others where I feel as before. I'm just curios about the individual differences we experience!

Be as detailed or vague as you like. Thank you!

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I’m nearly 5 weeks in and I’m beginning to feel less tired and more able to do things. I went to Pilates last night and it hasn’t wiped me out! Definitely still not right but I’m probably going to return to work on the 21st and I will have had 6 weeks off.

I’ll have bloods taken on the 21st and hopefully I can increase to 75mcg 😊

I think everyone is going to have different experiences though.

Thank you very much for sharing! I appreciate it!

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