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No Synthroids

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Hi Everyone,

I had my Thyroid removed in 2011. It took me 4 years to fully recover. I was taking Levothyroxine in various doses and feeling terrible. My hands were swollen and burned through the night. My joints ached and it was difficult moving and just functioning. I changed to Whole Thyroid and a range of supplements. I have an exercise regime that includes breathing and 400 push-ups a week as well as swimming.I was 70 2 weeks ago. There is light through the tunnel if you believe.

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Yes I have changed to NDT. I believe it is the only option. Doctors still test for TSH. There is no Thyroid to test for. They should be testing for T3.

We are creating a process that will hopefully take it out of their hands.

More later today.

KUDOS to you . Your an Inspiration . Thank You for Sharing your experiences .

So the only answer is to take it in to your own hands. Get tested for T3. Then get a balanced dosage of NDT. Also B12, magnesium, and Zinc. There are truckloads of other supplements you can take. Also, diet change and exercise are important. The meditate on being healthy. I can walk you through the whole thing if you are interested.

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