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Low Value Consignment Relief (£15 limit)


We in the UK currently have VAT relief on personal imports with a value below £15.

This Low Value Consignment Relief was set up by the EU on the basis that charging on low value orders resulted in excessive costs for very minor tax revenue gain. A similar (but not quite identical) threshold applies to all EU states.

The latest batch of papers describing what would happen if we leave the EU without agreement to do otherwise expressly states that this relief will disappear.

Combined with the imposition of VAT on imports from the EU, this could result in a significant increase in costs for personal imports.

We have no reason to believe that the Royal Mail would not increase their £8 clearance charge. My personal opinion is that they will have more work, and a more complex process, so they likely will increase that charge in time.

This is not intended as a political post. It is to provide forewarning so that everyone one can choose how to handle that situation, if it comes about. Obviously, buying ahead is about the only option. But don't leave that to the last minute where suppliers might end up with a run on stock, and customs clearance might be especially busy.

To avoid the almost inevitable political discussion that would otherwise follow, I shall lock this post to replies.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.
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Clearing out unanswered posts. :)

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