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Britain loses medicines contracts as EU body anticipates Brexit


This post is intended for information as the consequences, whatever they end up being, could affect all of us.

I am NOT intending to make a political point out of the story. In order to avoid this becoming a political discussion, as would be pretty much inevitable, I shall be closing it to replies. Sorry but I don't think it possible to avoid that happening.

Britain loses medicines contracts as EU body anticipates Brexit

European Medicines Agency ends pharma evaluations work and moves contracts to bloc

Lisa O'Carroll and Hannah Devlin

Sun 2 Sep 2018 15.44 BST Last modified on Sun 2 Sep 2018 15.57 BST

Britain’s leading role in evaluating new medicines for sale to patients across the EU has collapsed with no more work coming from Europe because of Brexit, it has emerged.

The decision by the European Medicines Agency to cut Britain out of its contracts seven months ahead of Brexit is a devastating blow to British pharmaceutical companies already reeling from the loss of the EMA’s HQ in London and with it 900 jobs.

All drugs sold in Europe have to go through a lengthy EMA authorisation process before use by health services, and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in Britain has built up a leading role in this work, with 20-30% of all assessments in the EU.

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