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What about HRT

Hi, I am hypothyroidism and with the help of many on this site, I am still on my journey to health. I was listening to women's hour today and a doctor on there said that all women should take HRT. I was never keen ad I thought it un-natural, but she was persuasive. I am just asking if anyone here has experience of this and do you think it may be helpful for me. Thank you in advance for all your good advice.

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Really? I thought women who had had breast cancer or were at higher risk of breast cancer shouldn't take HRT.


She said the risk was very small, as new hormones now available, very low dose. Risk was 1 extra case of breast cancer per 1000 women. I also had an easy menopause, I had horrendous put but think that was all due to my hypo problems was delighted when menopause came. You are right though, I don't trust them anymore. It'd really difficult to get to the truth



So 1 extra breast cancer per 1,000 women is an acceptable risk yet 1 extra hip fracture in 1,000 patient-years when TSH is suppressed <0.1 is not seen as acceptable.

I had very early menopause with minimal symptoms and was advised to take HRT to avoid risk of osteoporosis. Took it for 2 years but GP practice cocked up prescription when I was going away and there was a huge press fuss saying HRT benefits didn't outweigh risks so I stopped taking it. It made no difference to symptoms which weren't severe anyway.

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"a doctor on there said that all women should take HRT"

My question would be why?

To reduce symptoms? What about those of us who have an easy menopause with few symptoms? That was me. A few hot flushes so I opened the door until I cooled down, then closed it again. Can't really remember any other symptoms that I can definitely say were due to menopause, I now know under treatment Hypothyroidism was the culprit in some instances. I didn't need to go to the doctors, I was never offered any hormone tests around the time.

Another question would be will full, clear and honest information be provided about synthetic v bioidentical HRT pointing out all pros and cons.

I'm sure I'd have others as well but can't think of any at the moment.


Well, I take bioidentical HRT and would probaly have killed myself by now If I hadn't - horrendous symptoms. But conventional horse pee and fake progesterone is not a good idea (as well as being cruel to horses)


HRT should be woman's personal choice. You need to consider risk vs benefit for yourself. No one should be telling/forcing you to take it or not take it.


I'm surprised UK doctor was saying all women should take HRT?! Doesn't sound anywhere near to my personal experience with numerous GPs.

I'm one of those who always knew symptoms or not I will be taking HRT when the time comes and until my last days. I've made that decision in my 20 and now, on premature menopause, I stand by it.

I was refused HRT on numerous occasions by few GPs forcing me to source it myself. So yes, I am taking it and no dumb @ss doctor will tell me otherwise. But if my choice was not to take it, no dumb @ss doctor would tell me to take it either.

How is that some doctor on TV/radio says one thing and completely opposite is going on in real world?


Hi, I may have mis-represented her. I think she meant we would benefit from HRT, but as you have all said, it is so much more complicated than it first appears, such as natural or chemicals, interesting replies from you all. It's a whole new issue on its own. I think I will just have to focus on Thyroid for now, and hope to get well. Thanks everyone for your replies

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