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New to hyper/hypothyroidism

Hi there. I was newly diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism at the end of Nov last year. I started on 20mg of carbimazole, which was then upped to 40mg. Blood tests on the 27th Dec revealed that I now have hypothyroidism, and meds have been adjusted again. :-/ Does it take long for symptoms to even/steady themselves? Thanks in advance. Suzanne

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Hi there i was diagnosed with hyperthyroid in last july and like you i am now hypo and on a titration dose of 2.5mgs but unfortunatley still have bad days and quite good days and it has been 6 months off work, even if you are hypo your endo probably wouldnt give you levo as you have to be titrated done in carbi-12-18months is thevusual dose, my endo would not give me levo. Anything to do with the thyroid is very slow and can take a very long time to settle with the right dose of meds, it takes time and patience, my meds are still not sorted and tberefore still not back to myself and with every dose change it will be a further 4 weeks for that to take affect, i hope your endo has adjusted your dose if you are hypo? Also are you having bloids tested every 4 to 6 weeks as you need to keep a eye on your levels, i ended up lowering my own dose as endo refused to do this at first.😊


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