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Chronic pain!

Hi, I was told by a member to post my story. I am in the US, and I live with chronic pain. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis years ago. The pain some days is unbearable. I have had every heart test you could think of to make sure it is not my heart. My thyroid test is borderline high, they will not run any more panels. Just basically told to live with the pain in my back and chest. If I eat wheat or potatoes I hurt really bad. If I confine my diet to whole foods and no processed sugars I am almost pain free. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum, Joshua_Strom,

Can you post the results and ranges of your recent thyroid panel? The ranges are the figures in brackets after the results. If you have results and ranges for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate post them too and members will advise.


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