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Potassium vs Salt for frequent urination

hi. I was wondering if you know something about this. I am experiencing frequent urination again as the last year. I found out I had low aldosterone by that time, so I am starting to consume Himalayan salt again. BUT at the same time I suspect I also have low potassium because my symptoms. (Cramps, numbness, tingling, etc.) Some ppl say they both are related ,and I should take salt AND potassium. Other ppl say I shouldn't take salt when taking potassium and/or viceversa. But I've read when you have thyroid problems you can have both deficiencies. But other ppl say this is not possible since it is either one or the other.

Also, I don't understand if you are Hashi as I am, how can you retain liquid and having frequent urination at the same time? No sense to me.

Any thoughts? thks

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Frequent peeing is likely to be low cortisol.

Have you tried taking your thyroid meds (or one grain) at bedtime. This will help boost cortisol as we naturally make thyroid when asleep and then we make cortisol later in the night. The two hormones link up, so if low in thyroid you will be low in cortisol.

Magnesium is a good mineral to take. Spray on skin is better than tablets.


Hi, have you had your B12 tested - cramp, numbness and tingling are all symptoms of a deficiency there.

I wouldn’t supplement potassium, this is not a mineral to overdose on, it can be dangerous. Look at what food is high in it.

I would look at magnesium- glycinate, malate, citrate or taurate - not oxide. Bio care is easy to get hold of and take and isn’t full of too many excipients (fillers)

Even better- read about the tissue salt magnesium phosphate and see if it sounds like you. Schuessler.


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