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Help Interpreting Saliva Cortisol Results Please

I had a Saliva Cortisol test as I have little energy but sometimes get a burst of energy in the evening. It looks as though my results are normal. Is this right? Results with ranges are shown below. Thanks. (I started taking 125mcg of levo approx 8 weeks ago)

CORTISOL (SALIVA) WAKING 10.000 nmol/L 6.00 - 21.00

CORTISOL (SALIVA) 12:00 2.170 nmol/L 1.50 - 7.60

CORTISOL (SALIVA) 16:00 <1.5 nmol/L 0.00 - 5.49

CORTISOL (SALIVA) BEFORE BED <1.5 nmol/L 0.00 - 1.99

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Have you left out the bedtime cortisol result, or am I reading it wrongly? Your third one is high, is that afternoon?


Hi. I posted all 4 results it is just that the numbers have posted all squashed up. The afternoon one and before bed one both just say <1.5 which seems low compared to the range of 0 to 1.99. However Medichecks have said the results are normal. Thanks


I think they're saying 'normal', because you are inside the reference range. These are definitely on the low side, although obviously not as bad as if they were below range.

There is a lot of advice to be found on the forum about how to support your adrenals.

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