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DIO2 & MTHFR Gene Testing

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Hashi's a few years ago and I'm interested in taking these tests. I've seen some posts about 23andme but I can't see anywhere on their website if they exclusively test for either DIO2 or MTHFR. I can't seem to find any contact details on their site to ask them either.

Or should I just get the DIO2 test with Regenerus labs as linked to on the thyroid uk website? I also found the MTHFR genetics uk site but I can't seem to see if they do the actual MTHFR or DIO2 test. I'm confused!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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23andme include these but the data has to be uploaded for interpretation. See links below.

Regenerus Labs conduct both the DIO2 & MTHFR test and give you the results with counselling. Counselling is recommended for most genetic testing as these conditions are life long and sometimes the results can be very negative.

I didn't have counselling as my results went to my nutritionist who forwarded them with advice.



For 23andme result interpretation (I used genegenie)

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OK perfect, thanks for your help Radd.


I used Regenerus. I had to phone them to identify the correct gene test when I wanted the DIO2 test. They are very helpful


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