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When to take te before test?

I know that I should wait 24h after levo to have test taken but what about t3? I found both 24h and 12h. Will see endo for first time and want them to increase meds if that makes a difference. Am self medicating with t3 and will have a go at convincing them to let me have it on prescription but think I need more since my hypo symptoms are back.

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12 hours ideally for T3

Have you had a test since starting T3?

Do you have Hashimotos

Have you had DIO2 gene test?

What about vitamin levels?


Ok,thanks. First test on t3. Only tested tpo_ab and they were just under reference for positive. All vitamins optimal according to this site. No Dio2 test.


Do you know if this endo is T3 friendly and if they won't freak out at what is likely to be suppressed TSH?

You may have a battle on your hands. Be prepared

How long until consultation?

If they say flat "No" to NHS prescription, then bring up DIO2 gene test and say "if I do this test and am positive for this gene variation will NHS prescribe?"


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