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Does this really work?

Hi all. I have been finding people in my social circle who I never knew had issues with their thyroid. We do appear to be the walking unwell and as I have mentioned before, I do not feel unwell.

A friend of the family has said that by reading 'Hashimoto's Protocol' by Izabella Wentz and following a strict diet and vitamin supplement regime, she no longer takes any medication at all. (I am not keen on having to take medication potentially for the rest of my life), and I am not sure to believe this publication as I have been told that Levo is my life saver and without it, I could incur other health problems, and in extreme circumstances hasten my demise.

Any views on this literature?

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By 'medication', do you mean 'thyroid hormone replacement'? 'Medication' is a bit vague. Levo is not a drug, which is what is usually meant by 'medication'. I could say that I don't take any 'medication', but I do take the hormone, T3.

I haven't read the book, but I have my doubts. The thing about Hashimoto's is that it waxes and wanes. I'm pretty certain I've had it all my life - although no doctor ever thought to do a test - but there have been periods in my life when I was perfectly well. And other periods when I was, I now recognise, deeply hypo.

I imagine that it is possible to reverse Hashi's if it is caught very early on - but what are the chances of that? But, once damage has been done to the gland, I don't believe any diet or supplement routine can repair it. So, you would always need thyroid hormone replacement of some kind.

Over the years, I have seen many people claim that they have 'cured' their Hashi's, by this or that method, when the antibodies have been low. But, eventually, they all have to go back on their levo, or whatever, when the antibodies rise again.


Many thanks for confirming what I already thought. I do not want to offend her, as she is trying to be helpful (I am not sure how quickly she was diagnosed, but her thyroid was picked up on in France - Maybe they do more through tests??).

Whilst I do not like the idea of taking Levo, perhaps as it does not show a 'visible' cure/remedy such as treatment for a rash etc. I think that I will knock the idea of this regime on the head, unless so other positively proven treatment works/cures.



Yes, I was diagnosed in France, too. And, they tested TSH, FT4, FT3, TPOab and TgAB. BUT, I'd already been living in France for over 20 years, and going to the doctors complaining of ill health all that time, before anybody had the bright idea of testing for thyroid. So, by that time, it was just about on its last legs, and certainly no chance of a cure!

And, even though she'd diagnosed me, the endo had no idea how to treat me. And, I've never actually see a doctor here that does know anything about treating. They all have their fixed ideas - mostly totally wrong - and absolutely no flexibility. No idea what an adrenal is, let alone testing for it or treating it. So, yes, they do do more thorough testing - when they get around to it - but the good news stops there.

It has taken me a long, long time to find out the type of thyroid hormone replacement, and the dose, that suits me best. And, I did it alone. I'm now on T3 only. But, it really doesn't bother me, taking that once a day. It's far better than the alternative! lol


I will keep plodding on with the GP, but I am not holding out much hope due to their lack of knowledge!

Thanks again for your words of wisdom.



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